Covered 2,31,545 sq ft till date.Saving energy & carbon footprint footprint
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Cool Roof n Waterproofing with IIT-BOMBAY's developed Thermacool Coating on Tile Chip Roof

Waterproofing to withstand Mumbai's record rainfall in 46 years Thermacool SHR Waterproofing System

Roof & Waterproofing of BSE Tile Chip Roof with Thermacool IIT-B Solar IR Heat Reflective

Roof of METAL Waterhouse with THERMACOOL IIT-B developed #Solar Reflective Coatings#Roof Top

Roof and enhance #AC function of Buses with Thermacool IIT B developed Coatings

Cool Roof & Corrosion Protection of PORTA CABIN with IIT Bombay developed THERMACOOL Coatings