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About Us

Thermacool Coating Systems, are Solar Heat Reflective and Waterproofing Coating Systems especially for roof tops, concrete or steel, applied to provide waterproofing protection and to reflect solar heat, thus bringing down the roof temperature by 15-20 ºC depending on hot summers, thereby resulting in the drop in indoor ambient temperature by 4-8oC.

The coating has excellent infra-red heat reflection properties, which provides the cooling factor. The primary benefit is 15oC to 20oC reduction in roof top temperature. The paint system termed as ‘Cool Paint Innovation’ consistently delivers a solar reflective index (SRI) of 102. Thermacool Coating enhances the quality of living and working conditions inside the building or structure, thus delivering improved productivity. It significantly reduces carbon foot-print and is an eco-friendly solution for reducing Global Warming. Thermacool Coating is a patented product, uniquely designed and developed at IIT Bombay and technology transferred to Thermogreen Cool Coat Pvt. Ltd.

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How it Works?

Thermacool Coating is a solar heat-reflective, rooftop coating. The primary function is reducing the heat at the rooftop, to make life comfortable for occupants in the building. Thermacool Coating provides an innovative, dual function i.e. high infra-red heat reflection and heat-insulation. A combined action of these two brings down substantial temperature drop. It works with IR reflecting pigments which have a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) value of 102. It is supported by a BIS standard IS : 17218:2019.

In locations with high ambient temperatures, ranging from 40-50oC, the roof surface acquires a temperature of 55 to 80oC. On application of Thermacool Coating, the rooftop temperatures are lowered by upto 15oC to 20oC. This provides a lowering of the inner room temperature (ambient temperature) by 4oC to 8oC. For buildings using high-energy or HVAC equipment’s, this heat-reflective coating helps in reducing the electricity consumption significantly by 25%-40%.