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  • IR Rays
  1. Ultra-violet rays constitute 5% of sunlight. This causes photo-degradation of organic matter.
  2. Visible light constitute 43% of sunlight. Different visible colours are detected by the human optical system.
  3. Near infra-red rays constitute 52% of sunlight. Heat is the output of infra-red radiation on any object.

Thermacool Coating reflects the heat producing infra-red part of the sun light back into the atmosphere. Two coats of Thermacool Coating forms a thermal reflecting heat barrier, with 100 micron thickness.

  • IR Reflection Effect

Surface temperature of the rooftop drops significantly due to this reflection.
Thermal insulating materials in Thermacool Coating provides significant insulation from the heat penetrating into the surface.

  • Before and After Warehouse Application
  • Day temperature recorded at 42°C
  • Very high surface temperature at the rooftop at 60°C
  • High ceiling temperature below the roof at 48°C
  • Difficult working conditions inside the warehouse at 45°C
  • Day temperature recorded at 42°C
  • Tremendously reduced surface temperature at the rooftop at 48°C
  • Significantly lesser ceiling temperature below the roof at 40°C
  • Comfortable indoor temperature inside the warehouse at 38°C

  • Thermacool Coatings

Thermacool is a high performance, exterior surface coating with excellent infra-red heat reflection properties. The primary benefit is 15°C to 20°C reduction in roof top temperature, depending on the hot summers. Thermacool Coating is a patented product, uniquely designed and developed by Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.