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Thermacool is a high performance, exterior surface coating with excellent infra-red heat reflection properties. The primary benefit is 15°C to 20°C reduction in roof top temperature, depending on the surface. Thermacool Coating is a patented solution, uniquely designed and developed by Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

  • Thermacool 0.3C and Thermacool 0.3M are patented products from IIT-Bombay
  • A 100% Make in India initiative product

Salient Features

  • Thermacool is a high performance, exterior surface coating with excellent infra-red heat reflection properties. Thermacool Coating acts on and reflects the ‘near infra-red rays’, which consist of 52% of the solar energy distribution in sunlight.
  • Thermacool Coating provides an innovative, dual heat-barrier mechanism. This comprised of a surface phenomenon of high infra-red heat reflection, coupled with excellent thermal insulation, delivering heat blocking efficiency.
  • The paint system termed as ‘Cool Roof Coating’ system has been tested for a solar reflectance index (SRI) of 102, approved by CEPT University based on ASTM method.
  • This Coating can be applied on both concrete and metallic surfaces, with minimal surface preparation. This ensures ease of application and quick deployment in less time.
  • It has ultra-superior weather-resistant component, which besides reflecting solar heat, protects the structure form environmental degradation. No rusting, film delamination and blistering observed in Condensation Test, Salt Spray test and Alkali Resistance Test. Tested by Corrosion Science & Engineering Division, Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Material Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai.


  • Thermacool Coating delivers thermal comfort to residents from solar heat. It reduces the top surface (rooftop) temperature exposed to sunlight by 15°C to 20°C, depending on hot summers.
  • The lowering of ambient temperature (indoor room temperature) by 4°C to 8°C provides cooler and comfortable environment for the occupants. This enhances the living and working conditions, delivering improved productivity.
  • Thermacool Coating generally delivers upto 25% to 40% power savings. This is due to lesser load on cooling devices like air-conditioners, air coolers, ceiling fans & cooling units.
  • This solution has the advantage of quick and easy deployment within 2-4 days, this ensures direct application without set-up or pre-work while ensuring cost savings.
  • The dual heat-barrier mechanism and weather-resistant components minimizes wear & tear due to thermal expansion. This prevents environmental degradation and enhances the quality of the structure.
  • Thermacool 0.3C Coating is approved by established green building body; Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assesment (GRIHA) Council.
  • High Solar Reflectance Index assists in the global motto of reducing Carbon footprint. This makes it eco-friendly and a futuristic solution.

Use Cases for Thermacool Coating

Thermacool Solar Heat Reflecting Coatings – A boon to reduce C-footprint and hence Reduce Global Warming

21st centuries biggest problem is Global warming. The erratic climate changes being seen in this decade are mainly due to Global warming. Global warming results in enhancing the room temperature or even the temperature of sea surface. In the last decade, its rise by 1oC created a havoc. We have seen several Tsunamis, Forest fire, extreme rains and flooding, hurricanes and some other changes in climate.

One of the primary reasons for Global warming is the increase in temperature due to burning of C. The burning of C occurs by burning coal, especially the coal based power plants or burning of Oil and gas for many industrial and home needs.

Thus reduction of carbon burning in the form of coal and oil and gas can reduce the c-footprints and hence Global warming. So any effort which reduces the carbon burning is going to help in reduction in Global warming.

In 2015 during Paris Climate Conclave, India took a pledge to reduce C-foot prints by reducing coal based power plants. PM Modi gave a very optimistic target of reducing Coal based power by replacing it with Solar Power. The target set 18GW solar power was full filled before the target time and a new target of 83 GW was set which is also working efficiently.

Any other source which reduces C footprint is equally welcome. Thermacool SHRC helps in reducing C foot print. See the enclosed picture which shows by using Thermacool SHRC coating on a roof helps n reducing 7 units of electricity per day for one AC of 1.5 ton for a rooftop house of 1000 Sq ft. This one AC reduces 7 units of electricity which is equivalent to 4.2 Kg of Coal per day from one AC. Thus reduction in C foot prints for a single AC unit per year is 766 units per year and the corresponding carbon equivalent reduction are 0.46 t/year. Thus if there are millions of such AC’s working in a city and are protected by Solar SHRC, how much C-footprint reduction can happen a which can help reducing Global warming substantially.