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Themacool STP

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Thermacool Surface Tolerant Primer (STP) is a two-component, solvent based primer. It is applied on the roof surface, when the substrate quality is poor. Thermacool 0.3M Coating is then applied on top of this primer.
Thermacool STP Primer is an epoxy, universal primer with superior cross-linking properties. It can be applied on all kinds of metal substrates. A surface tolerant primer by characteristic, it possess self-priming ability even in areas where a good surface preparation is not achievable. Based on novel adhesion technology, Thermacool STP provides excellent adhesion by forming a bridge between the substrate and the topcoat. It has excellent toughness and durability in extreme climatic conditions.

  • Thermacool STP is a universal primer fortified with special additive to give excellent adhesion to all kind of substrates i.e. metal and masonry.
  • It provides a robust system by forming a strong adhesive bridge between the substrate and the topcoat.
  • It forms a barrier coating and is highly resistive to chemicals. This protects the substrate from deterioration by preventing the ingress of corrosive ingredients.

Thermacool STP can be used to prime both coated and uncoated metal surfaces.
In case the coating has deteriorated, then the metal substrate has to be thoroughly cleaned and the coating removed. The metal substrate should be made free of peeling paint, mildew, oil, dust, dirt, loose rust or other contamination. High-pressure water-jetting can be used for this purpose. Wire hand-brush, power wire-disc or grinder can be used wherever necessary. Solvent can be used to remove oils and grease patches.
For coated surfaces that are perfectly intact and without rusting, thorough water jet washing and drying is sufficient.

The substrate has to be completely dry before painting.

Note: Application of Primer should not be done immediately after a rain, during foggy weather or when rain is predicted.

Thermacool STP is a 2-pack surface primer; base and hardener has to be mixed in 4:1 ratio.

One coat of Thermacool STP has to be applied over the surface prepared metal substrate.

Thermacool STP can be applied by brush, roller and by airless spray.

  • Mixing Ratio - Base:Hardener :: 4:1.
  • Recommended DFT - 100 to 120 microns in one coat.
  • Recommended no. of coats – 1 coat.
  • Re-coatability – Overnight i.e. 12 hours.

Select a variant based on end usage.


  • Thermacool 0.3M Coating.
  • Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating.

Base (Part A):Sealed metal drum of 20 litres.

Also available in 4 litres pack.

Hardener (Part B):Sealed metal drum of 5 litres.

Also available in 1 litre pack.