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Thermacool 0.3M FR

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Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating is a two-pack, acrylic-PU, heat reflective top-coat. It is formulated to serve dual purpose; first is heat reflection and second is fire retardance. It can be applied on fresh or coated metal surfaces viz. mild steel, galvanized sheets, coloured and coated metal sheets etc.
Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating is a quality, high heat-reflective product designed and developed by IIT-Bombay. Fortified with unique fillers, Thermacool 0.3M FR not only reflects the heat but also prevents the propagation of fire. Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating has excellent toughness and durability in extreme climatic conditions.

  • Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating has a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 95; approved by CEPT University as per ASTM method.
  • Thermacool 03M FR Coating prevents the propagation of fire.
  • It provides extra protection to the substrate.
  • It also prevents the propagation of fire in case all kinds of fire related issues and hazards owing to its ‘low flame propagation’ property.

Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating can be applied on uncoated or coated metal surfaces.
In case the coating has deteriorated, then the metal substrate has to be thoroughly cleaned and the coating removed. The metal substrate should be made free of peeling paint, mildew, oil, dust, dirt, loose rust or other contamination. High-pressure water-jetting can be used for this purpose. Wire hand-brush, power wire-disc or grinder can be used wherever necessary. Solvent can be used to remove oils and grease patches.
For coated surfaces that are perfectly intact and without rusting, thorough water jet washing and drying is sufficient.

The substrate has to be completely dry before painting.

Note: Application of coating should not be done immediately after a rain, during foggy weather or when rain is predicted.

Priming of Metal Substrate

If the metal surface is perfectly intact, then priming is not required. Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating can be directly applied over the coated metal after thorough removal of dirt, dust etc. as mentioned in surface preparation.
In case of bare metal/coated metal surface has deteriorated, then substrate has to be prepared and primed as mentioned in Thermacool STP FR Primer section.

Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating is a 2-pack coating system; base and hardener has to be mixed in 4:1 ratio.

Two coats of Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating has to be applied over the surface prepared dry metal substrate.

Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray.

  • Thermacool 0.3M FR Coating : 2 Pack Acrylic-PU topcoat.
  • Mixing Ratio - Base:Hardener :: 4:1.
  • Recommended DFT - 2 coats of 50-60 microns per coat, i.e. total 100-120 microns.
  • Recommended no. of coats – 2 coats.
  • Re-coatability – Minimum 3-4 hrs before applying the second coat.

Note: Each coat shall be applied uniformly over the entire surface. Skips, runs, sags and drips shall be avoided. Each coat shall be free from pinholes and blisters. Contamination of painted surfaces between coats shall be avoided.

Base (Part A):Sealed metal drum of 20 litres.

Also available in 4 litres pack.

Hardener (Part B):Sealed metal drum of 5 litres.

Also available in 1 litre pack.